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Babylon and the New Jerusalem

Diabolis could picture his kingdom on earth and it was perfect. He was anxious to continue his discourse. Operation Takeover involved counterfeiting Jesus Christ, Moses, Elijah, heavenly angels, righteous people, God’s kingdom and His beautiful capital city, the New Jerusalem. Today he would explain to his demon council the details of the two kingdoms. With narrowed eyes and firmly set jaw he began.

“The Great Tribulation will begin soon and will last a little over 3 ˝ years. During this time we will launch Operation Takeover and set up a worldwide kingdom on earth called Babylon.

“God, our archenemy, will be completing His worldwide kingdom called the New Jerusalem. It will not be a visible kingdom. People will join it by believing in Jesus and by repentance and it will only be visible through the eye of faith. Its king – Jesus Christ, and its capital city – the New Jerusalem, will both be located in heaven.

Babylon - kingdom on earth

“Our kingdom, Babylon, will be located on earth and will be visible. I will be the king. I will look like Jesus and people will believe I am Jesus. People will join Babylon by worshiping me or my giant gold serpent image. They will also be allowed to join by worshiping my image on television or the internet or any of the small gold serpent images.

“During these few years each of the 6.4 billion people on earth will have to choose which kingdom they wish to join. The deciding issue will be worship. If they worship Jesus Christ as described by His ten commandments they will belong to His invisible kingdom. If they worship me – Satan, the beast, the antichrist – they will be part of Babylon. Those who worship me will obey my laws.

“Each kingdom will have the following:

  1. King
  2. Capital City (the queen)
  3. Subjects, children, citizens
  4. Laws
  5. Two prophets

Diabolis paused and straightened his head with dignity. He spoke in a firm, authoritative manner, “Your assignment is to memorize and understand every detail of these two kingdoms. People must believe that Babylon is God’s kingdom. Our counterfeit must be perfect.

“Please note that God says the people in Babylon will die eternally at the close of the 1,000 years. This part we will change. We will not allow that to happen.”

Scribbles distributed the following charts to each member of the demon council.

Two Kingdoms during the Great Tribulation

New Jerusalem Babylon
Name Jesus Christ Diabolis
Called Lamb of God Dragon, serpent, devil, Satan
King of Kings Demons
Resides Heaven Bottomless pit

Capital City (the Queen)
New Jerusalem Babylon
Literal giant city kept in heaven until after the 1,000 years Literal city set up on earth near the start of the Great Tribulation
Pure gold city with gold streets Decorated with gold
12 foundations with precious stones Decorated with precious stones
12 pearl gates - each gate 1 pearl Decorated with pearls
Brilliant with the glory of God Glorifies herself
Holy wife of Jesus Harlot wife of Satan
Clothed in fine linen clean and white Clothed in fine linen purple and scarlet
Lasts forever and ever Destroyed forever and ever

Citizens, children, subjects
New Jerusalem Babylon
People who worship Jesus People who worship Satan
Obey the ten commandments Obey Satan's laws
Overcomers Unbelievers
Have the Spirit of prophecy Murderers
Are not deceived, do not lie Liars
Righteous, holy, faithful Immoral, Idolaters
Without fault Unjust
Have faith in Jesus Filthy, thieves, corrupt
Name's written in book of life Members of Babylon
Live forever with no sorrow, death or pain Thrown into the lake of fire to die eternally

New Jerusalem Babylon
Live by faith in Jesus Live by sight and feelings
Obey Jesus Obey the ten commandments Obey Satan Disobey the ten commandments

New Jerusalem Babylon
Prophets of God (Rev 11:3-13) Archimel and Mordality (Rev 13:11-18)
Prophesy on earth for 1260 literal days (3 1/2 years) Prophesy on earth for 42 literal months (3 1/2 years)
Called the two witnesses in Revelation Called the false prophets in Revelation
2 demons disguised as the Bible prophets Moses and Elijah

Diabolis could picture his kingdom on earth and it was perfect.

Read about the 1,000 Years next.

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